If the Conservatives lead the next Council, we want to be clear and transparent on our priorities and guiding principles. We believe that by taking the initiative and being innovative and positive, we can deliver a modern, bright and thriving City.

Economic competence

A Conservative-led administration will ensure that every decision made by the Council is robust, well considered and offers good value for money to local tax payers.

Fairness & Compassion

A Conservative-led administration will ensure that every area of Derby and every community is treated fairly.

We will ensure that residents across the City receive fair funding and investment within their neighbourhood.

We will ensure that the most vulnerable people in our City receive the help and support they need.

An end to political agendas

Despite the hard work and best efforts of staff across the Council, under Labour control, Derby City Council is broken and has become dysfunctional. For too long, Labour have pursued their own political agenda.

We will approach every decision we make by remembering that we are public servants elected to deliver what is best for our City.

Derby first, not party first.