Download our full action plan for Derby here.

Under Labour leadership Derby is stagnating and being held back by the dogged pursuit of political agendas. Decisions are being made that are designed to put the Council in constant conflict with government. Resources and funding are also being deliberately targeted based on biased political priorities, creating division and resentment across the city.

It does not have to be this way.

We believe that Derby can be amongst the most modern, vibrant cities in the country – but only if the Council has leadership required to make that happen.

A Conservative Council will have the new approach that is needed to take us forward together, as one city. We will both recognise and celebrate the diversity that exists in our city and ensure that every community is treated fairly and with respect.

We will end the current conflict between the public and the council.

We’ve launched our Action Plan for Derby, to set out our vision and direction for our City.

Our three promises to you;


A Conservative administration will ensure that every decision made by the Council must:

  • Offer the best use of tax payers’ money.
  • Offer best value to the tax payer.


Every area of Derby and every community will be treated fairly:

  • Residents will receive fair funding and investment in return for the council tax that they pay.
  • We will ensure that those who are the most vulnerable in our city also receive the support they need.


Derby’s present Labour administration run the Council to pursue their own political agenda rather than what is best for the city and its residents.

  • We will approach every decision we make by remembering that we are public servants elected to
    deliver what is best for our city, not our political party.

If you vote for a Conservative Council on Thursday 5 May we will work towards creating;

A MORE EFFICIENT COUNCIL – We’re committed to reviewing the Council’s current spending on consultants and goods & services to find savings that could be reinvested to front line service. Find out more.

IMPROVING OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS & COMMUNITY – We want to provide residents of Derby with high quality services in return for the council tax you pay, this includes bringing back fair funding. Find out more.

WORLD CLASS LEISURE & CULTURE – We to provide an affordable and successful leisure culture offer for our city to help grow the local economy and bring more people to our city. Find out more.

A FAIR & BALANCED APPROACH TO TRANSPORT – Reinstating school crossing patrols, ending the stealth taxes on motorists by removing CCTV enforcement cameras, one days free parking per month in the city centre, and working with groups and organisations to improve and promote transport in our city. Find out more.

TO BECOME A COMMISSIONING COUNCIL – Adopting a new approach to increase council tax revenue and invest in local services by expanding our city’s boundary. Find out more.

Download our full action plan for Derby here.