Your Derby, Our Derby – Manifesto 2019

In May 2018, Derby City Council was broken and in need of a radical transformation. Labour had created a dysfunctional organisation that had lost the confidence of the public.

Their approach led to decision making based on militant party politics rather than what is best for the City. Disgracefully, this included appalling behaviour, such as bullying and intimidation of Council staff, by some Labour Councillors.

It was also the primary cause of the damaging breakdown in positive cross-party working between Councillors – something that is vital in any properly functioning local authority.

However, in less than a year, the incoming Conservative-led Council has made very significant progress in repairing that damage and a recent independent report has recognised this.

We need your support to continue our work as the independent report also confirmed that, sadly, there are current Labour Councillors who have not changed their approach.

A return to Labour’s way of running the Council would have catastrophic consequences for our City…

Read the Derby City Conservatives ‘Your Derby, Our Derby’ full Manifesto 2019 here.


Derby Conservative Leader, Cllr Chris Poulter said, “Derby has come a long way in the last twelve months, but we still face many challenges. We are asking for the continued support of the residents that we serve to allow us to deliver our long-term plan.

That plan, detailed in this manifesto, will ensure that Derby is a thriving, attractive and well maintained City.

There is a clear choice at this election – quite simply, Derby cannot afford a return to a Labour Council because all of the hard work of the last twelve months may well be reversed and many of our important plans for the future scrapped.”

We believe…

That residents, communities and businesses of the City are its most important resource.

In honest and open local government with integrity, accountability and the highest standards of governance.

In listening to the residents of Derby and responding to their needs.

Just some of our pledges for Derby are:

Continue our work to transform the ‘broken Council’ that we inherited from Labour who took the City to the brink of ruin. The new Conservative Council has a long-term plan to repair the damage. A return to Labour’s way of running the Council would have catastrophic consequences for our City.

Ensure that every area of Derby has a dedicated uniformed Public Protection Officer to tackle anti-social behaviour, noise, illegal and nuisance parking, irresponsible school parking, littering and fly tipping.

Continue to restore local community funding that was axed by Labour – £10,000 will be given to every ward to spend at a community level in 2019. This will directly support local community projects, groups and improvements.

Continue our work to restore pride back into Derby by carrying out more deep cleans in the City centre and suburbs.

Deliver a programme to improve and enhance local district centres across Derby.

Re-establish the widespread use of Speed Activated Speed warning signs that display a speed limit and / or a warning message to remind the driver / rider to slow down. This will help address road safety speeding issues identified by local residents.

Recruit thirty more Derby City Council foster carers.

Commit to the free, all year round, fortnightly garden waste collection service in the long-term by encouraging residents to recycle food waste in their brown bins. This will increase the City’s recycling rates and cut the cost of dealing with black bin waste.

Press ahead with our plans to build a brand-new swimming pool complex at Moorways with a 50-metre pool and exciting waterpark including a play structure elevation, two flumes, a wave pool, a multi-slide and a ‘wave rider’.

Press ahead with our plans to refurbish and re-open the Assembly Rooms. This will include more retail and leisure units facing the Market Place. The venue will offer a wide variety of concerts, performances, events and versatile conferences facilities all year round.

Pursue the delivery of ultra-fast ‘GigaFast Broadband’ fibre connectivity to every house and business in Derby by 2023. This will deliver ten of £millions in innovation, productivity to the City and increase the value of homes.

Continue to ensure the Council’s focus and priority is to fix pot holes and defects quickly, and to improve our highway network for all road users, public transport and cyclists.

Continue to work with parents and the education sector to improve the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision in Derby.

You can support the ‘Your Derby, Our Derby’ plan by voting for your local Derby City Conservative candidate.