Local Elections 2016 – Significant Gains for Derby Conservatives

Firstly, Derby Conservatives would like to thank everybody who voted blue on 5 May 2016. Because of your support, the group gained 3 seats; 2 from Labour and 1 from the Liberal Democrats.

There is a real chance of the Derby Conservatives taking control of Derby City Council in two years’ time bringing hope and positive change to our city.

Cllr Matthew Holmes, group leader, was behind one of three gains for the Derby Conservatives, bringing our total number of seats to 17. He won the seat in Mickleover from the Lib Dems after deciding not to defend his seat in Chellaston.


Cllr Holmes said: “It seems to me, with the momentum that we’ve started now, that there’s a real chance that we could take control of this council in two years’ time but we do realise that there’s a lot of work to do.

“We’ve got to be happy with three gains but, more than that, the results that we had in Arboretum and Normanton, for instance, showed that we have really come on leaps and bounds. Labour now has a wafer thin majority of just one. I think there’s going to have to be a huge change of approach from Ranjit Banwait and the Labour administration.”

Mr Holmes added: “They [Labour] make decisions based on a political agenda and the public sees that. It seems designed to deliver what’s best for the Labour party or a reason to bash the Conservatives here or the Conservative government.

“That’s the kind of approach that they take to running the city and that contributed tonight.”

This is how the council chamber looks after the 5 May 2016 elections;



Former mayor Sean Marshall wins in Chellaston

Former Mayor of Derby Sean Marshall was pleased to return to city politics with a near 600 majority in Chellaston. Cllr Marshall, who was previously a councillor in Chaddesden, said he felt it was a good result but that turnout had been low, not just in Chellaston but across the city.

The other two Conservative wins during the 2016 Derby City Council elections meant they gained seats from Labour in Derwent and Chaddesden.

Derwent and Chaddesden are gained after a hard-fought local campaign

Derby Conservatives gained two new councillors after Jonathan Smale and Richard Hudson worked a positive local campaign in their respective wards. Both wards were gained from Labour, in a disappointing night overall for the Labour party which saw them narrowly cling to their majority by just one seat.

Both wards had a photo-finish, Chaddesden was won by 90 votes, whilst Derwent’s majority is just 3 votes.

Jonathan and Richard will both make fantastic representatives for their local communities and thank all those that placed their trust in them.

Elsewhere, Evonne Williams and Frank Harwood retained their seats in Spondon and Oakwood. Richard Smalley was elected as Allestree councillor after former group leader Philip Hickson decided not to stand for re-election.