Conservatives Call in Labour’s changes to Neighbourhood resourcing

The Derby Conservatives have called in the recent cabinet decision made by the Labour administration to alter the way funding and resources are allocated to the 17 City wards.

Derby Conservative group leader, Cllr Matthew Holmes
Derby Conservative group leader, Cllr Matthew Holmes

This challenge now pauses the changes that were due to come into effect on 1 April.

A meeting will now be scheduled for Derby Conservative councillors to present their case the corporate overview and scrutiny board and relevant cabinet member as to why they believe the decision breaches adopted policy and overarching regulation or laws in relation to local council’s and should therefore not go ahead.

The call in has been signed by Cllr’s Steve Hassall (Allestree ward), Phil Ingall (Chellaston Ward) and Frank Harwood (Oakwood Ward).

Let’s end political agendas

Derby Conservative leader Matthew Holmes said “We strongly believe there are several areas of challenge in regard to the this decision and believe that the council must think again and approach neighbourhood resourcing in a fair and equal manner.

“The changes sum up the way the Labour administration running the council operate. They always strive for control of resources and budgets and anyone they perceive not to share their left wing socialist views are, quite simply, the enemy and don’t deserve council resources.

“I think the real turning point was Ranjit Banwait taking the leadership of his party and therefore leader of the council. Since then, we’ve seen increased efforts to remove funding and investment from areas such as Mickleover and Littleover. He basically declared war on non-Labour voting areas of Derby.

“Now, under these changes to Neighbourhood working, every ward that is not classed as a so called ‘priority area’ by Labour is effectively being cut adrift from council support at a local level. It’s that support that provides local improvements and helps to support local businesses, community groups and projects. The fact that none of the areas affected have Labour councillors in place says it all.

“I think residents in Mickleover, Allestree, Oakwood, Chellaston & Shelton Lock and Littleover will have every right to be extremely angry about these changes. They will see this as just another politically motivated and vindictive move against them.

“I’ve long believed that, in the end, the agenda being pursued by Labour in Derby will end with in them being removed from office. I can’t say when, that’s down to those who vote in the local elections, but I can guarantee that it will happen. Only then will we be able to restore the principal of fair and equal funding and support across Derby.

“Any administration, regardless of politics, must deliver for all of Derby and for all communities from the inner city areas to the suburbs. To do otherwise just creates anger and division and it’s very sad that this seems to be Labour’s precise aim. Even the areas that are receiving support are going to be strictly controlled from the centre and no one really wins under these changes, this is all about ensuring that Labour have a politically strangle hold over the allocation of council resources.

“Even areas with Labour councillors could suffer under these new arrangements and I can see serious disagreements breaking out over priorities being agreed behind closed doors. It really is a recipe for disaster and is not a viable way to run a council or deliver for the City.

“In contrast, the Conservatives believe very strongly in fair and equal community funding for all and would ensure that resources and council officer support is in place for every area of Derby. It’s simple, straight forward and allows councillors and residents at local level to decide on their own priorities to improve their area and to allocate funding with the support of the council.”

Derby Conservatives feel strongly about this matter, and have included it in our Action Plan for Derby:

  • Providing local residents across Derby with high quality front line services in return for the Council Tax they pay.
  • We will end Labour’s politically targeted funding. Local Community funding will be reinstated and fair and equal amounts given to all wards in the city. Neighbourhood Boards and Forums will also be re-instated based on the successful model in place until recently.