Member of Parliament for Derby North

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Westminster: 0207 219 6992 //
Constituency (temporary): 01332 545154 //
For more contact information and to keep up to date on Amanda’s campaigning please visit her website.

Derby North comprises of – Abbey, Chaddesden, Darley, Derwent, Littleover, Mackworth, and Mickleover.

About Amanda

Amanda was selected to stand for the Conservatives in Derby North in 2013, and on May 7 2015 she was elected as the first female MP for Derby North.

Amanda is Derby through-and-through, and has lived in the city for over 20 years. She is a businesswoman, school governor and is an active community volunteer and will continue to maintain these roles alongside her position as MP.

Amanda is keen to work with all groups in Derby North to promote the city as a whole, and ensure that Derby continues to innovate and prosper.

Over the course of her campaign, Amanda had been meeting residents across Derby North, at community events and visits. She is committed to maintaining the trust that residents put in her when voting – by not only listening to their concerns but acting on them. She understands that they need a local MP that they can rely on to put Derby first.


Amanda’s plan for Derby

Before the election Amanda launched ‘My Plan’ – a six point action plant to make Derby safer and more secure:


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1 – Delivering more job opportunities

I will continue to fight to ensure Derby receives greater economic investment, visit local businesses and work with to ensure the government is always on the side of businesses and workers in our city.

2 – Reduce levels of crime

I want a real campaign to cut crime, helping local people feel safe on the streets and in their own homes. I will work hard to make Derby North a safer place to live, work and raise a family.

3 – Improve education

As a mum of two I know how important a good education is to prepare our children for the future. I have met with several headteachers from schools across Derby, and will continue to do so to get their opinions on what more can be done to improve the education our children receive.

4 – Clean up our parks

As a responsible dog owner I know how much our public spaces are something to be enjoyed. I am also aware that there is a growing issue of dog fouling, litter and antisocial behaviour in our parks. That is why I am making this a part of my Safer Derby campaign. Your Conservative team have been holding regular litter picks to make sure our green spaces remain clean and well maintained. I’m also campaigning to put good old fashioned park-keepers back in to our parks to help spot and prevent these issues.

5 – Oppose unwanted housing developments

I know how important it is that we build more houses, but they need to be in the right location, and it’s not appropriate where there is massive local opposition to them due to pressures on schools, local facilities, and our already stretched road network.

6 – Axe the bin tax

Despite massive opposition, the Labour-run Derby City Council have introduced an annual £40 charge for brown bin collections. Since March 2014, homeowners have had to pay up – or lose their right to recycle garden waste. This will inevitably mean a huge increase in the amount of Derby’s waste that will end up in landfill – and the financial and environmental penalties will follow. I will continue to oppose this unreasonable charge. The residents of Derby should not be punished for doing the right thing!

For more contact information and to keep up to date on Amanda’s campaigning please visit her website.