chair’s blog – August 2015

Derby North's new MP, Amanda Solloway
Derby North’s new MP, Amanda Solloway

The latest news and updates from Association chair, Richard Smalley…

“Hello, and Welcome to our new website. So far 2015 has been a brilliant year for the Conservative Party, both nationally and locally. We have seen the brilliant win for Derby in the form of Amanda Solloway becoming MP for North and further gains by the Derby City Council Group. In Amber Valley we brilliantly regained control of the Council and in Erewash, the Conservative Group saw its majority soar from just one to thirteen. And of course the country has now elected a majority Conservative Government. Added to Pauline Latham’s successful defence of her seat in Mid Derbyshire, I am sure you’ll agree, the Conservative Party is very much the Party who’s star is rising.

I have recently been elected as the constituency Chair and I intend to help build on this success and propel us onto even more electoral success. Control of Derby City Council and winning a second Derby parliamentary seat must be our targets. That is what I want to achieve.

We are planning a series of social events, for people of all ages and interests. You’ll find details elsewhere on this site, would you like to come along? It’s a great way to meet new friends, get to learn what we do, and help us to help you all at the same time. We are looking for people to come along and help us win. Do you have some spare time on your hands? Would you like to meet new people, people like you, who care about their communities and what to help them? Do you want to stand for election? Do you want to be a candidate in upcoming elections? Now is time to learn what your local Conservatives are doing to help in your communities, and you can help us to do even more.

We are open and inclusive. Our members are from all walks of life, from teenagers to the more seasoned and wise members of our communities. Different faiths, genders, whatever, all are welcome. We would value your input whoever you are. Now is a very exciting time to be a Conservative and it’s only just begun.

Please use the contact details elsewhere on our website to contact us. You’ll be so glad you did.

I look forward to meeting you out and about helping us Conservatives to continue to help everyone in Mid Derbyshire and Derby.”